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Balls of wool in a wicker bowl beside a pair of knitting needles

If you're a keen knitter, or just starting out, you'll be pleased to hear that there's a wool shop on Lowestoft High Street where you can source all of your wool, knitting patterns, needles and of course knitting advice. A Wool Shop is centrally located and stock a wide range of different yarns so whatever you have in mind for your next knitting project, we'll have just the right wool for you.


Maybe crochet is more your thing? Well we also stock crochet needles and patterns. If you've seen something cool on Pinterest or Etsy and want to have a go yourself, call in and have a chat to the experts. We'll put you on the right track.


Not just knitting...

We know our customers are a diverse bunch so we don't just stock wool-based products. If you're looking for material, thread or accessories like zips, we're your ideal destination. Call down to A Wool Shop on Lowestoft High Street and browse through our wide range of haberdashery products

To find out more about the diverse products we stock, call A Wool Shop in Lowestoft on:  01502 569 089

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